K-Skills (Knowledge Skills), our multimedia enabled vocational training content delivered through K-Yan is currently deployed in our 350+ Skills Institutes and Schools across the country. Available for 45 trades from 15 key industry sectors, the multimedia content is delivered in English, Hindi and 8 other regional languages.

Multimedia content is delivered through the All-in-One Device called K-Yan. Developed in collaboration with IIT Bombai, K-Yan (Knowledged Vehicle) is a portable, innovative technology platform with easy to use features, which combines functionality of multiple devices in a compact unit and converts any projected area into an interactive display. Fully loaded with high end accessories and technologically advanced features, it uses mobile and web based platforms to improve teaching-learning outcomes in Schools, Colleges, Training Organizations and Corporates

Our content ensures optimal productivity, quick turnaround time and adaptability to client specific requirements. Key features of our robust and well-defined content development process are:

Standardization of training delivery: Our content is multimedia based and ensures effective trainer-trainee interaction in both environments. Developed in consultation with expert academicians, industry mentors and subject matter experts, it is outcome driven and ensures holistic learning. Multimedia content ensures training content delivered in the skills schools is standardized. The best practices to be learnt, training duration and the structure of content is uniform for a given trade across all schools. Standardization of content reduces the loss of training time or quality due to unavailability of effective trainers.

Increased interest, reduced learning time, larger scale: The use of K-Yan and its interactive features engage trainees. It reduces the learning time and makes retention of difficult concepts simpler. K-Yan enables scale of training.

Trainers assume the role of the facilitator: The use of K-Yan and multimedia content has transformed the role of a trainer to that of a facilitator. K-Yan driven multimedia content facilitates self paced learning. The Trainer assumes the role of the facilitator facilitating the learning process by creating an ecosystem whereby trainees construct their own understanding of the knowledge and practice skills. The facilitator guides the trainees to explore and practice, rather than teach.

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